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G 12.005 CoverGiovanni Bononcini (1670–1747)
Arias and Duets from the opera
“Il Trionfo di Camilla”

in a contemporary adaption from round about 1710
for 2 alto recorders and basso continuo
Edited by Franz Müller-Busch
Realization of the thorough bass by Eckhart Kuper

Girolamo G 12.005, score and 3 parts, € 22,00
ISMN 979-0-50084-007-7

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The draft of this edition is an undated print by Walsh & Hare London consisting of three part-books with the title

A / Collection / of the / Song Tunes / the Duets and Ariets / in the / Opera of Camilla /
Contrived and Fitted for / two Flutes and a Bass / by / Mr. Ramondon

It is interesting to note that Giovanni Bononcini (1670–1747), the composer of the opera Il Trionfo di Camilla, is not mentioned by name. Most likely this print was being sold in the first decade of the 18th century.

Both recorder parts are to be found in the British Library, London under the shelf mark h. 250 h.; the appropriate bass part in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow. It is uncertain that a score ever existed.

From the 26 movements in the draft, twelve of the most interesting arias have been chosen for this edition. The arrangement issued by Mr. Ramondon is on the whole rather careless and hence full of errors. However, most uncertainties could be cleared up by a comparison with the opera score. These corrections were made without further commentary.

On the grounds of convention and completeness a realization of a figured bass has been added, yet it is certainly not wrong to perform the pieces with two recorders and an accompanying bass instrument. In fact, since the more customary term Thorough Bass is here replaced by simply Bass, one could conclude that this was the instrumentation originally intended. Considering the print’s early date of origin and also the transposition of arias from sharp to flat keys, there is certainly no doubt that Flutes refers to recorders.

Translation: J. Whybrow

Calw, October 1995, Franz Müller-Busch



  1. I was born / Nacqui al regno
  2. O Nymph / Sé Ninfa
  3. Since you from / Se per te vivo io sono
  4. In vain I fly / Io non cercando gioie
  5. Around her / S’envola il Dio
  6. Among women / Trà le donne
  7. I love but / Dall’ idol mio
  8. Ungrateful you / Tu nieghi
  9. Happy I love / Senza speme
  10. Thou art he / Caro bello
  11. Tho fierce / Suol dar la vita
  12. Be cruell / Non vanti Amor