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G 12.024 CoverNicola Fiorenza (approx. 1700–1764)
Concerto in A minor
(score and parts)

for alto recorder, 2 violins and basso continuo
Edited by Valentina Bellanova and Ulrich Thieme
Realization of the thorough bass by Eckhart Kuper

Girolamo G 12.024, score and 4 parts, € 24,00
ISMN 979-0-50084-043-5

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Little is known about the life and work of the composer and violinist Nicola (also Nicolò) Fiorenza. He was born around 1700 and spent his working life in Naples where he died in 1764. He played the violin at the Royal Chapel. From 1743 to 1762 he was teacher of string instruments at the conservatory Santa Maria di Loreto. He was dismissed because of recurring violent behaviour towards his students.

Approximately thirty manuscripts of compositions by Fiorenza are kept in the library of the conservatory San Pietro a Majella in Naples amongst which trio sonatas for two violins and bass, 15 concerts for various combinations of instruments and nine symphonies. Four concerts, dating between 1726 and 1728 are for Flauto (in that period the term referred to the recorder) and strings. Although the style shows a strong resemblance to that of the flute concertos by Alessandro Scarlatti, the concertos do have their own characteristic traits such as the Venetian flowing cantability during the slow movements and the tendency towards strong rhythmic outline and quaintness in the fast parts.

The concerto in A minor presented here for the first time is a fine example of Fiorenza’s music.

Translation: Julia Whybrow

Florence and Hanover, January 2009, Valentina Bellanova and Ulrich Thieme