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G 12.052 CoverRainer Lischka (b. 1942)
Schritt und Tritt

Eleven duets for soprano and alto recorder

Girolamo G 12.054, playing score, € 15,00
ISMN 979-0-50084-088-6

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G 12.052 G 13.001






Unlike plants, humans and animals are able to get from one place to another by themselves. When humans move on foot, we generally call it “walking”. However, on closer consideration, we realise that there are many other ways of using our feet, even though they don’t necessarily get us from A to B.

In eleven duets entitled “Schritt und Tritt”, Rainer Lischka presents – musically and humorously – different ways of “Moving the feet”. In these pieces, we hear ourselves walking, strolling, dallying about, creeping, jumping, striding, scampering and trampling; we go up and down stairs, float across the dance floor and finally even encounter Charlie Chaplin with his very characteristic way of walking. In “Schritt und Tritt“, Lischka doesn’t mention hobbling, limping, crawling or jogging.

The level of difficulty varies from piece to piece, but by and large, all the duets can be tackled by slightly advanced players who have mastered a chromatic octave plus a sixth. With only one exception, higher notes were deliberately not used.

As always, pieces by Rainer Lischka are also valuable from an educational point of view. They train such aspects as playing together, sharpening one's own awareness of the other part, as well as rhythmic independence and confidence. However, the most important factors are the enjoyment of music in general coupled with the fun of interpreting a variety of ways of moving the feet.

Translation: Catherine Taylor

Celle, January 2024, Franz Müller-Busch

1 – Walking
2 – Strolling
3 – Jumping
4 – Floating in a waltz
5 – Striding out
6 – Creeping
7 – Scampering
8 – Trampling
9 – Dallying about
10 – Upstairs, downstairs
11 – Charlie in a silent movie