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G 21.006 CoverJoel Levine (b. 1956)
Between the Lines

8 Fantasies
for alto recorder

Girolamo G 21.006, playing score, € 14,00
ISMN 979-0-50084-066-4

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These fantasies are for you: the recorder player. They are not intended to be performance pieces, although one or the other might work that way. They are fantasies that include references to jazz – but learning to play them will not make you a jazz player. Some of the fantasies use quotes from the jazz tradition. For example, the last phrase of Fantasy I is taken from "Speedball" by Lee Morgan. Others are intended to evoke a style. For example, Fantasy II is a slow blues, while Fantasy VIII refers, in a simple way, to the style of Wayne Shorter.

The indications for tempo and articulation are meant as suggestions. They are not requirements. The player is encouraged to find out what works. Play around with the pieces, the tone, the emphasis, the sound quality, the vibrato, the articulation, the dynamics – any parameter of expression you can imagine. Find out what you like. Make it work for you! What matters here is that you enjoy playing them.

I also hope they contribute to your growth as a recorder player.

Toronto, July 2014, Joel Levine