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G 21.007 CoverRainer Lischka (b. 1942)
In a Groovy Mood

for soprano recorder and piano

Girolamo G 21.007, score and 1 part, € 18,00
ISMN 979-0-50084-078-7

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The duets in this book are aimed primarily at younger music students playing together. The focus should be on rhythmic precision and enjoyment of the music. The pieces cover a broad spectrum of styles and can be performed individually or in any desired combination.
The metronome markings are given for reference only. However, the tempo selected for a particular movement should be kept stable throughout – a constant pulse is essential. A slight ritardando is appropriate at the end of the lullaby (Schlummerlied).
Special attention should be paid to the articulation and phrasing marks (dots, dashes, legato and slur marks).
I would like to express my gratitude to Franz Müller-Busch for his input and methodological advice.

Translation: Christa Lange-Rudd

Dresden, October 2017, Rainer Lischka

– Always together
– Jumping Bass
– First Tango Steps
– Marianne and the Blue Notes
– … can to this as well
– Serenata
– Skater
– Easygoing
– Quick-witted
– Slumber Song