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G 22.001 CoverHartmut Tripp (b. 1937)

for recorder orchestra (S A A T T B Gb Sb)

Girolamo G 22.001, score and 8 parts (parts can be copied), € 22,00
ISMN 979-0-50084-065-7

sample page score

sample page soprano recorder

G 21.010 G 22.002






Staccato techniques are of particular importance in the piece "Punktspiel", in which the staccato notes are intentionally contrasted against longer, more sustained notes. In a few places the staccato notes are played using "sputato" technique (literally spitting air into the recorder), which results in an even crisper staccato note. During the Latin American passages, the instruments providing harmonic accompaniment play an important rhythmic role with their own "Punktspiel" by imitating claves. Traditionally, use of staccato gives pieces a cheerful feel, which also reflects the basic mood created throughout this piece. During the legato semiquaver passages, elements from minimal music have been used.