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G 22.002 CoverRainer Lischka (b. 1942)

for recorder orchestra (Sino S A A T T B Gb) and samba whistle
violoncello, double bass and/or bassoon ad lib.

Girolamo G 22.002, score and 10 parts (parts can be copied), € 28,00
ISMN 979-0-50084-074-9

sample page scoresample page sopranino recorder

G 22.001 G 11.001





The mood conveyed by this piece of music is one of cheerfulness and exuberance, and the onomatopoeic Hip! right at the end should stand out rather boisterously. A consistent basic tempo and precise ensemble playing are of the utmost importance, particularly in those passages, where the upper parts are not entirely synchronous with the accompanying parts, as is the case, for example, from bar 23 onwards. Furthermore, special attention should be given to a consistent long-short articulation (wah-dab) at the relevant passages, both in specific groups of parts (e.g. bar 23) and even more so, in the tutti passages (e.g. bar 29).
If a samba whistle (apito) is not available, an ordinary whistle may be used.
The great bass recorder may be supplemented by violoncello, double bass and/or bassoon – in fact, this is explicitly recommended. A part sheets for these instruments is enclosed with this edition.
The piece was composed at the suggestion of the highly respected teacher of music Mrs. Sylvia Hartig of Leipzig, Germany. My thanks go to her and Mr. Franz Müller-Busch (Girolamo) for their instrument-specific suggestions.

Dresden, June 2016, Rainer Lischka

Translation: Christa Lange-Rudd